Dear Friends and Clients, As we conclude our second week under government imposed restrictions and social distancing, as well as the temporary closure of our own business, we would like to wish everyone a huge thank you. We understand that a number of our customers are still reporting for work that has been deemed…

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  Dear Clients and Friends, believes in putting our customer’s health and safety first and foremost as our top priority.  The spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) which has been officially declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization. Many cases have now been confirmed in Massachusetts and Governor Charlie Baker has declared a state of…

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What is Dry-cleaning?

Dry cleaning is any cleaning process for clothing and textiles using chemical solvent other than water. Despite its name, dry cleaning is not a “dry” process, clothes are soaked in a liquid solvent.

Most dangerous chemical

Dry cleaner uses dangerous chemical solvents that are harmful to people and the environment. Most cleaners use Perchloroethylene, also known as Tetrachloroethylene, PCE, or PERC. It is classified to be a human carcinogen, according to the U.S. National Toxicology Program, Occupational Safety and Human Safety agency.

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    Professional Wet Cleaning is the best option for cleaning garments as it uses no toxic chemicals, and does not generate hazardous waste, nor does it produce air pollution. We use 100% water to clean clothes, no PERC. Our method is the safest professional method of garment cleaning.         Eco-Friendly:The environmental…

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The Clean Show is the largest cleaning industry expo in the world featuring working equipment and education. It attracts all sorts of the dry-cleaning, laundering and textile-care industry, from single owner coin-operated laundry to dry-cleaning/wet cleaning establishments and textile service companies It was Green Organic’s first time attending the Clean Show and we didn’t realize…

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1. Organic Dry Cleaning Isn’t Really “GREEN”

The only true organic cleaning process is using water and it’s known as Wet-Cleaning. Most cleaners advertise “green” and “organic” but they use Hydrocarbon, an “organic” substance that comes from the earth. However, hydrocarbon is still considered toxic and can do harm just as much as Perc. Perc is a common and toxic chemical solvent used in the dry-cleaning industry.

2. Women’s Garments May Get Charged Slightly More.

I remember a woman calling us and stressing how we were sexist for charging more for her clothes than men’s clothing. The truth is women’s clothing is more delicate and most items need to be hand ironed with extra care.

3. Your Local Dry Cleaner Isn’t Really The One Cleaning Your Clothes.

Most likely your clothes are being sent out to a central plant which is why some clothes go missing or misplaced. The next time you visit your local dry cleaner ask them if they are a “dry” or “package” store. Dry stores are just a drop-off location to transport garment to the central cleaning plant. Package stores own their own equipment and do the cleaning on-site, or at their sister site.

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Edward L. Amaral, Jr and his wife, Quinn Nguyen, both residents of the North End Waterfront, created a new green and organic wet cleaner, which is similar to a dry cleaner, except they use non-toxic chemicals that are eco-friendly, leave a fresh clean scent, and is kind to sensitive skin. Quinn’s family has had a very successful wet cleaning facility in Medford, MA since 1994.

After helping to lead the fight to “Save the North End Waterfront” from developers, Amaral wanted to start a business that is beneficial to the residents here while at the same time, practice what he preached when he and his fellow committee members stopped developers from building behind Lewis Wharf thereby preserving the environment and keeping our Waterfront visible and free from obstruction and unsafe and unwanted traffic.

They use no plastic bags. Customers can receive free pick-up and delivery by downloading their app by texting “GreenO” to 555-888 or by calling them at (857) 305-3935. When your clothing is ready and cleaned, they give each customer a free eco-friendly laundry bag with a convenient carry strap which will be re-used by the customer. Each customer will be notified by text when their clothes have been picked-up and when they have been delivered… based on the delivery window that the customer chooses.

“Say goodbye to toxic chemicals and plastic bags which both harm our environment,” says Amaral and Quinn. “The turtles will love you and you will love the clean, fresh smell of your clothing.” Stop by and see what they are all about by visiting them at Green Organic Dry Cleaner, 236 Commercial Street in Boston, next to Billy Tse.

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