Environmentally Friendly

The “Wet” Cleaning Solution

    Professional Wet Cleaning is the best option for cleaning garments as it uses no toxic chemicals, and does not generate hazardous waste, nor does it produce air pollution. We use 100% water to clean clothes, no PERC. Our method is the safest professional method of garment cleaning.         Eco-Friendly:The environmental…

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New Orleans Clean Show

The Clean Show is the largest cleaning industry expo in the world featuring working equipment and education. It attracts all sorts of the dry-cleaning, laundering and textile-care industry, from single owner coin-operated laundry to dry-cleaning/wet cleaning establishments and textile service companies It was Green Organic’s first time attending the Clean Show and we didn’t realize…

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8 Things Your Dry-Cleaner Won’t Tell You

1. Organic Dry Cleaning Isn’t Really “GREEN”

The only true organic cleaning process is using water and it’s known as Wet-Cleaning. Most cleaners advertise “green” and “organic” but they use Hydrocarbon, an “organic” substance that comes from the earth. However, hydrocarbon is still considered toxic and can do harm just as much as Perc. Perc is a common and toxic chemical solvent used in the dry-cleaning industry.

2. Women’s Garments May Get Charged Slightly More.

I remember a woman calling us and stressing how we were sexist for charging more for her clothes than men’s clothing. The truth is women’s clothing is more delicate and most items need to be hand ironed with extra care.

3. Your Local Dry Cleaner Isn’t Really The One Cleaning Your Clothes.

Most likely your clothes are being sent out to a central plant which is why some clothes go missing or misplaced. The next time you visit your local dry cleaner ask them if they are a “dry” or “package” store. Dry stores are just a drop-off location to transport garment to the central cleaning plant. Package stores own their own equipment and do the cleaning on-site, or at their sister site.

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Eco-Friendly Reusable Garment Bags- Reduce plastic waste!

When you send your clothes to a dry cleaner to clean and press your clothes, typically, they are returned to you covered with a plastic bag. According to news reports, dry cleaning generates 300 million pounds of plastic waste each year. Plastic waste that pollutes our oceans, rivers and lands. Dry-cleaning plastic bags are not biodegradable which means they sit in landfills forever. They are usually made of low-density polyethylene, the kind you might find in shrink wrap or shopping bags, often referred to as a “film” rather than a bag. Your curbside recycling program won’t accept this plastic because it’s the type of plastic that’ll jam recycling machinery, requiring facility workers to remove it by hand. So often time people throw them in the trash not knowing there are special programs that recycled them.But why deal with all of this, when there’s Eco-friendly reusable garment bags that you can take to your local dry-cleaner. Find a dry-cleaners that offers reusable garment bags at retail price. On your next trip to the dry cleaners, bring a garment bag with any clothing that needs to be cleaned and ask that it be returned in its original bag. Most dry-cleaners will gladly accept this in place of the plastic film.At Green Organic Dry-cleaner, we use free eco-friendly, reusable garment bags because we never use plastic. Find out more by contacting us at (857) 305-3935 or by visiting our website at www.greenorganicdrycleaner.com

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