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Facts about Dry-cleaning

Fact #1: Wet-cleaning is better than dry-cleaning

Professional Wet Cleaning is the best option for cleaning garments as it uses no toxic chemicals, and does not generate hazardous waste, nor does it produce air pollution. NO PERC. PERC is one of the most dangerous solvents currently being used in the dry cleaning industry. Wet cleaning is the safest professional method of garment cleaning. So the next time you go to a dry cleaner ask them if they have an option for wet cleaning.

Fact #2. Not All Stains Can Be Removed

Successfully removing stains is primarily dependent upon the type of the stain, how long it has been set, the fabric of the garment, and the colorfastness of the dye. Some stains are just impossible to remove. We are not magicians but our trained staffed will take the best approach to remove the stain.

Fact #3. Some Garments Can Shrink

Certain fabrics will shrink when the correct cleaning methods are not properly used. During manufacturing, all clothing are supposed to be properly preshrunk but not in all cases. 

Fact #4. Care Labels on Garments Are Not Always True

The Federal Trade Commission’s Care Label Guidelines do not require them to test clothing before care instructions are assigned. They are required to list one safe cleaning method, even if it’s not always the best. Most garments can be dry-clean regardless of what the care labels says. 





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What is “Wet” Cleaning?

  • Non-toxic chemicals
  • Eco-friendly
  • Fresh clean scent
  • Perfect way to remove tough stains
  • Kind to sensitive skin

Learn More About Wet Cleaning

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Certified Professional Wet Cleaner

WetCleaners USA is an organization made up of dedicated business owners working together to provide exceptional service and clean clothes environmentally friendly for the community. We promise to provide consistently high quality services amongst our members’ businesses.  This ensures that customers are met with very few discrepancies in service, no matter the location.


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