You might be wondering what can I do lessen my impact on climate change? How can I feel good about my environmental impact? What are the daily and weekly habits that I can implement to improve the environment in the Boston area and in the world for that matter? We have all seen the news and we can see ourselves that with the warmer Boston winters, the world is definitely getting warmer.

At we talk with many clients over the phone and in person at our North End Boston location about environmental impact. One of the important things our customers mention is that they feel good when they do something that benefits the environment.

We feel the same way. For example we don’t work with harsh traditional chemicals that are bad for the environment that other dry cleaners use. We have a special Wet Cleaning process that is better and safer for the environment. The bags we use are not plastic and made of recycled materials. Our van which handles pick up and delivery is a hybrid vehicle. All of these make us feel good about what we do.

One thing that you can do is change your habits around dry cleaning. Using our new App can save you time, money and is better for the environment. At you can do all of these things and feel good. We are an environmentally focused local business started by Massachusetts residents that live in and care about the communities we serve.

Try our new Green Cleaner Organic Drycleaner App, it is easy to use! Just send the text “GreenO” to 555-888 and we will send you a URL for our app to download. All you need to do is set up an account with your name and address. The app will give you prices by service whether it be Green Cleaning, Shirts, Bedding or Laundry. It will also ask you for preferred times for drop off and delivery. Then you can put your clothes in a environmentally friendly bag for a driver to pickup at a scheduled time. Your order is expertly cleaned and delivered back to you at the scheduled time requested.

Using this app can help improve the environment by cutting back on multiple trips you make, because our van is out making deliveries already and saving people from driving. Download our app today and feel free to stop in and see us and meet Quinn, one of the store owners who can answer any questions you might have.