Professional Wet Cleaning is the best option for cleaning garments as it uses no toxic chemicals, and does not generate hazardous waste, nor does it produce air pollution. We use 100% water to clean clothes, no PERC. Our method is the safest professional method of garment cleaning.


    Eco-Friendly:The environmental Protection Agency(EPA) has stated that Wet Cleaning isthe safest professional method of garment cleaning because it does not create any air pollution and reduces the potential for water and soil contamination. Wet-cleaning wastewater is usually discharged into a private or public sewer system and is treated at the local wastewater treatment facility in accordance with quality standards established under the federal Clean Water Act.     


    Fresh Clean ScentOnce you smell your clothes after they have been wet-cleaned, you will never go back to a regular dry cleaner again. Regular dry cleaning can never get rid of odors caused from stains such as sweat or urine. And when you have your clothes dry-cleaned what you smell are the dry-cleaning chemicals. But when you have your clothes wet-cleaned, you can smell the fresh clean scent that comes from the wet-cleaning process, guaranteed.


    Perfect for Removing Stains:Wet cleaning is perfect for removing stains. The best way to remove urine stains, sweat stains, or mildew stains is through we cleaning, since 90% of stains are water soluble.


    Kind to Sensitive Skin:Wet cleaning is ideal for sensitive skin because it uses 100% fresh, biodegradable detergents, which are much milder than home laundry products to clean, and are used to clean garments instead of petroleum based solvents. Regular dry-cleaners use PERC, which can lead to irritation of the eye, skin or respiratory system. If you wear clothes cleaned by a regular dry-cleaner versus a wet cleaner, then your skin will come into contact with toxic solvents, which can, in turn, cause irritation.


At Green Organic Dry Cleaner, we never use Perc. We only use toxic-free cleaners, no plastic bags and all of our products are eco-friendly. For more information please visit us on the web at or download our app by texting the word “GREENO” to 555-888 for free pick-up and delivery. We can also be reached by email at or by phone at (857)305-3935